• [FIX] In the parent / children relationship, where the pk is on a mixin or from inherit
  • [FIX] How to Environment
  • [FIX] Many2Many declared in Mixin
  • [IMP] Many2One can now declared than the local column must be unique ( only if the local column is not declared in the model)



This version can be not compatible with the version 0.2.2. Because in the foregn key model is a string you must replace the tablename by the registry name

  • [FIX] Allow to add a relationship on the same model, the main use is to add parent / children relation ship on a model, They are any difference with the declaration of ta relation ship on another model
  • [REF] standardize foreign_key and relation ship, if the str which replace the Model Declarations is now the registry name


  • [REF] Unittest
    • TestCase and DBTestCase are only used for framework

    • BlokTestCase is used:
      • by run_exit function to test all the installed bloks
      • at the installation of a blok if wanted



This version is not compatible with the version 0.1.3

  • [REF] Import and reload are more explicite

  • [ADD] IO:
    • Mapping: Link between Model instance and (Model, str key)
  • [ADD] Env in registry_base to access at EnvironmentManager without to import it at each time

  • [IMP] doc add how to on the environment


  • [FIX] setup long description, good for pypi but not for easy_install


  • [REFACTOR] Allow to declare Core components
  • [ADD] Howto declare Core / Type
  • [FIX] Model can only inherit simple python class, Mixin or Model
  • [FIX] Mixin inherit chained
  • [FIX] Flake8


  • [FIX] version, documentation, setup


Main version of AnyBlok. You can with this version

  • Create your own application
  • Connect to a database
  • Define bloks
  • Install, Update, Uninstall the blok
  • Define field types
  • Define Column types
  • Define Relationship types
  • Define Core
  • Define Mixin
  • Define Model (SQL or not)
  • Define SQL view
  • Define more than one Model on a specific table
  • Write unittest for your blok