• [IMP] unittest on SQLBase
  • [IMP] add delete method on SQLBase to delete une entry from an instance of the model
  • [REF] rename get_primary_keys to get_mapping_primary_keys, cause of get_primary_keys already exist in SQLBase


  • [IMP] Add IPython support for interpreter
  • [REF] Update and Standardize the method to field the models (Field, Column, RelationShip) now all the type of the column go on the ftype and comme from the name of the class


  • [FIX] use the backref name to get the label of the remote relation ship
  • [FIX] add type information of the simple field


  • [FIX] In the parent / children relationship, where the pk is on a mixin or from inherit
  • [FIX] How to Environment
  • [FIX] Many2Many declared in Mixin
  • [IMP] Many2One can now declared than the local column must be unique ( only if the local column is not declared in the model)



This version can be not compatible with the version 0.2.2. Because in the foregn key model is a string you must replace the tablename by the registry name

  • [FIX] Allow to add a relationship on the same model, the main use is to add parent / children relation ship on a model, They are any difference with the declaration of ta relation ship on another model
  • [REF] standardize foreign_key and relation ship, if the str which replace the Model Declarations is now the registry name


  • [REF] Unittest
    • TestCase and DBTestCase are only used for framework

    • BlokTestCase is used:
      • by run_exit function to test all the installed bloks
      • at the installation of a blok if wanted



This version is not compatible with the version 0.1.3

  • [REF] Import and reload are more explicite

  • [ADD] IO:
    • Mapping: Link between Model instance and (Model, str key)
  • [ADD] Env in registry_base to access at EnvironmentManager without to import it at each time

  • [IMP] doc add how to on the environment


  • [FIX] setup long description, good for pypi but not for easy_install


  • [REFACTOR] Allow to declare Core components
  • [ADD] Howto declare Core / Type
  • [FIX] Model can only inherit simple python class, Mixin or Model
  • [FIX] Mixin inherit chained
  • [FIX] Flake8


  • [FIX] version, documentation, setup


Main version of AnyBlok. You can with this version

  • Create your own application
  • Connect to a database
  • Define bloks
  • Install, Update, Uninstall the blok
  • Define field types
  • Define Column types
  • Define Relationship types
  • Define Core
  • Define Mixin
  • Define Model (SQL or not)
  • Define SQL view
  • Define more than one Model on a specific table
  • Write unittest for your blok