Environment stocks contextual variable. by default the environment is stocked in the current Thread.

Use the current environment

The environment can be used whereever in the code.

Generic use

To get or set variable in environment, you must import the EnvironmentManager:

from anyblok.environment import EnvironmentManager

Set a variable:

EnvironmentManager.set('my variable name', OneValue)

Get a variable:

EnvironmentManager.get('my variable name', default=OneDefaultValue)

Use in a Model

A facility are add in the registry_base. This class is inherited by all the model.

Get the environment in Model method or classmethod:

self.Env  # or cls.Env

Set a variable:

self.Env.set('my variable name', OneValue)

Get a variable:

self.Env.get('my variable name', default=OneDefaultValue)

Define a new environment type

If you do not want to stock the environment in the Thread, you must implement a new type of environment.

This type is a simple class which have theses class methods:

  • scoped_function_for_session
  • setter
  • getter

    def scoped_function_for_session(cls):

    def setter(cls, key, value):

    def getter(cls, key, default):
        return value

Declare your class as the Environment class:


The classmethod scoped_function_for_session is passed at SQLAlchemy scoped_session function see