Source code for anyblok.bloks.anyblok_core.documentation.model.field

# This file is a part of the AnyBlok project
#    Copyright (C) 2015 Jean-Sebastien SUZANNE <>
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License,
# v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,You can
# obtain one at
from anyblok import Declarations
from logging import getLogger
logger = getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@Declarations.register(Declarations.Model.Documentation.Model) class Field: mappers = { ('Many2One', True): ("m2o", "o2m"), ('Many2One', False): ("m2o", None), ('Many2Many', True): ("m2m", "m2m"), ('Many2Many', False): ("m2m", None), ('One2Many', True): ("o2m", "m2o"), ('One2Many', False): ("o2m", None), ('One2One', True): ("o2o", "o2o"), ('One2One', False): ("o2o", "o2o"), } def exist(self, model): if not model.exist(): return False # pragma: no cover M = self.anyblok.get( if in M.loaded_columns: return True return False # pragma: no cover def __init__(self, field): self.field = field @classmethod def filterField(cls, query): return query @classmethod def getelements(cls, model): query = cls.filterField(cls.anyblok.System.Field.query()) return query.filter( cls.anyblok.System.Field.model == @classmethod def header2RST(cls, doc): doc.write("Fields\n~~~~~~\n\n") @classmethod def footer2RST(cls, doc): pass def toRST(self, doc): doc.write('* ' + + '\n\n') self.toRST_docstring(doc) self.toRST_properties(doc) def toRST_docstring(self, doc): if hasattr(self.field, '__doc__') and self.field.__doc__: doc.write(self.field.__doc__ + '\n\n') # pragma: no cover def toRST_properties_get(self): return {x: y for x, y in self.field.to_dict().items() if x != 'name'} def toRST_properties(self, doc): properties = self.toRST_properties_get() msg = ', '.join(' **%s** (%s)' % (x, y) for x, y in properties.items()) doc.write(msg + '\n\n') def toUML(self, dot): if self.field.entity_type == 'Model.System.Field': self.toUML_field(dot) elif self.field.entity_type == 'Model.System.Column': self.toUML_column(dot) elif ( self.field.entity_type == 'Model.System.RelationShip' ): # pragma: no cover self.toUML_relationship(dot) else: logger.warning("Unknown entity type %r" % self.field.entity_type) def toUML_field(self, dot): model = dot.get_class(self.field.model) model.add_column( def toUML_column(self, dot): model = dot.get_class(self.field.model) name = if self.field.primary_key: name = '+PK+ ' + name if self.field.remote_model: # pragma: no cover remote_model = dot.get_class(self.field.remote_model) multiplicity = "1" if self.field.nullable: multiplicity = "0..1" model.aggregate(remote_model, label_from=name, multiplicity_from=multiplicity) else: name += ' (%s)' % self.field.ftype model.add_column(name) def toUML_relationship(self, dot): # pragma: no cover if self.field.remote: return model = dot.get_class(self.field.model) multiplicity, multiplicity_to = self.mappers[( self.field.ftype, True if self.field.remote_name else False)] model.associate(self.field.remote_model,, label_to=self.field.remote_name, multiplicity_from=multiplicity, multiplicity_to=multiplicity_to) def toSQL(self, dot): if self.field.entity_type == 'Model.System.Field': self.toSQL_field(dot) elif self.field.entity_type == 'Model.System.Column': self.toSQL_column(dot) elif ( self.field.entity_type == 'Model.System.RelationShip' ): # pragma: no cover self.toSQL_relationship(dot) else: logger.warning("Unknown entity type %r" % self.field.entity_type) def toSQL_field(self, dot): # DO NOTHING pass def toSQL_relationship(self, dot): # TODO pass # pragma: no cover def toSQL_column(self, dot): table = dot.get_table(self.anyblok.get( self.field.model).__tablename__) if self.field.foreign_key: # pragma: no cover remote_table = dot.get_table(self.field.foreign_key.split('.')[0]) if remote_table is None: remote_table = dot.add_label( self.field.foreign_key.split('.')[0]) table.add_foreign_key(remote_table,, nullable=self.field.nullable) else: table.add_column(, self.field.ftype, primary_key=self.field.primary_key)