Source code for anyblok.bloks.anyblok_core.system.cache

# This file is a part of the AnyBlok project
#    Copyright (C) 2014 Jean-Sebastien SUZANNE <>
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License,
# v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,You can
# obtain one at
from anyblok.declarations import Declarations
from anyblok.column import String, Integer
from ..exceptions import CacheException

register = Declarations.register
System = Declarations.Model.System

[docs]@register(System) class Cache: last_cache_id = None lrus = {} id = Integer(primary_key=True) registry_name = String(nullable=False) method = String(nullable=False)
[docs] @classmethod def get_last_id(cls): """ Return the last primary key ``id`` value """ res = cls.query('id').order_by( if res: return res[0] return 0
[docs] @classmethod def initialize_model(cls): """ Initialize the last_cache_id known """ super(Cache, cls).initialize_model() cls.last_cache_id = cls.get_last_id()
@classmethod def invalidate_all(cls): res = [] for registry_name, methods in cls.anyblok.caches.items(): for method in methods.keys(): res.append(dict(registry_name=registry_name, method=method)) if res: cls.multi_insert(*res) cls.clear_invalidate_cache()
[docs] @classmethod def invalidate(cls, registry_name, method): """ Call the invalidation for a specific method cached on a model :param registry_name: namespace of the model :param method: name of the method on the model :exception: CacheException """ caches = cls.anyblok.caches def insert(registry_name=None, method=None): if registry_name in caches: if method in caches[registry_name]: cls.insert(registry_name=registry_name, method=method) else: raise CacheException( # pragma: no cover "Unknown cached method %r" % method) else: raise CacheException( "Unknown cached model %r" % registry_name) if isinstance(registry_name, str): insert(registry_name=registry_name, method=method) elif hasattr(registry_name, '__registry_name__'): insert(registry_name=registry_name.__registry_name__, method=method) cls.clear_invalidate_cache()
[docs] @classmethod def detect_invalidation(cls): """ Return True if a new invalidation is found in the table :rtype: Boolean """ if cls.last_cache_id is None: cls.last_cache_id = 0 return cls.last_cache_id < cls.get_last_id()
[docs] @classmethod def get_invalidation(cls): """ Return the pointer of the method to invalidate """ res = [] if cls.detect_invalidation(): caches = cls.anyblok.caches for i in cls.query().filter( > cls.last_cache_id).all(): res.extend(caches[i.registry_name][i.method]) cls.last_cache_id = cls.get_last_id() return res
[docs] @classmethod def clear_invalidate_cache(cls): """ Invalidate the cache that needs to be invalidated """ for cache in cls.get_invalidation(): cache.cache_clear()